How to use php in html

Learn how to integrate PHP code into HTML for dynamic web pages with this easy-to-follow example.

So you want to learn how to use PHP in HTML? Great! PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages. When combined with HTML, it allows you to create websites that can interact with databases, handle forms, and much more.

To use PHP in HTML, you can embed PHP code directly within your HTML markup. This allows you to mix PHP and HTML seamlessly, giving you the flexibility to create dynamic web pages.

Embedding PHP in HTML

To embed PHP in HTML, you simply need to use the following syntax:

    // Your PHP code here
    echo "Hello, world!";

In the above example, we used the <?php ?> tags to encapsulate our PHP code. Inside these tags, we used the echo statement to output the text "Hello, world!" to the web page.

Using PHP Variables in HTML

You can also use PHP variables within your HTML markup. This allows you to dynamically insert data into your web pages.

    $name = "John Doe";

  <p>Hello, <?php echo $name; ?>!</p>

In the above example, we first declare a PHP variable called $name and set it to "John Doe". Then, we use the <?php ?> tags to insert the value of the $name variable within the HTML paragraph tag.

So, that's how you can use PHP in HTML! With this knowledge, you can start creating dynamic and interactive web pages using PHP and HTML.


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