Code examples for the Form tag - developer knowledge base (35)

Learn how to increase text size in HTML with an example. Get tips to make your text stand out & readability easier.
Ruby on Rails forms: get up and running quickly with an example of using Rails forms to create, update, and delete data.
"Learn how to use Prettier in VSCode to improve your code formatting with a simple example."
"Learn how to use Prettier in VSCode, a popular code editor, with a simple example."
Learn how to make code look neat and organized in Sublime Text 3 with syntax formatting, indentation, and color customization.
Discover how to instantly change text color in Sublime Text with simple steps and an example.
Fix "Call to a member function format() on null" Joomla error with an example from the Admin Panel.
Create a powerful feedback form for Joomla 4 with an example of a contact form for customers to easily send their inquiries.
"Discover how to use Contact Form 7 to create simple and powerful forms for your WordPress website with an example."
Learn how to make text width-responsive in CSS with an example. Create a flexible and adaptive layout effortlessly.
Learn how to create single line text in CSS with an example. See how to use white-space, text-overflow & word-wrap properties to achieve desired results.
Learn how to make text bigger in CSS with a simple example! Increase font size, line height, and more to make text stand out.
Learn how to add CSS text-decoration styling, like underlines & more, to your HTML elements with examples.
Learn how to create line breaks in CSS with a simple example. Create a visually appealing page without extra HTML markup!
Learn how to make text italic in CSS with an example. Create stylish & impactful designs with ease!
CSS: Turn a list horizontal with a simple example.
Learn how to make text bold using CSS with a simple example and code snippet.
Transform a Laravel collection into an array with examples: learn how to use the toArray() helper & other methods to manipulate your data.
Learn how to manually clear Laravel's cache with an example to optimize your website's loading speed.
Clean Laravel Cache: Follow this example to quickly & easily clear cache & optimize your app's performance.
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