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Learn how to embed SVG images into HTML with an example of a simple SVG graphic.
Learn how to use ruby on rails helpers with an example to simplify your code.
Multiple Clipboards for vscode: copy-paste made easier! Copy multiple items at once & access them later for easy reuse.
Multiple clipboards for VSCode lets you store, copy & paste multiple items quickly - no more hunting for that lost piece of code!
"Make coding easier & more consistent w/ eslint: learn how to set it up in vscode & see an example of how it works."
"Learn how to use Prettier in VSCode, a popular code editor, with a simple example."
Create two windows in Sublime Text 3 w/ an example: split view, open two files simultaneously, & customize layout.
Learn how to enable Sublime Text 3's auto-complete & suggestion features for faster coding & fewer typos.
Discover how to fix Autofilename Sublime Text 3 so it works properly again with this easy step-by-step guide.
Learn how to use Elementor for WordPress, with step-by-step instructions and examples. Create stunning websites quickly and easily.
Learn how to make text transparent using CSS, including an example to get you started.
Learn how to add CSS text-decoration styling, like underlines & more, to your HTML elements with examples.
Learn how to move text around in CSS with an example and easy-to-follow instructions.
Make a button with HTML & CSS: learn how with a simple example!
Learn how to update your robots.txt file in WordPress to control how search engines crawl & index your site. Includes example.
Learn how to block unwanted bots from your website with Robots.txt Disallow All. Example: Disallow: /wp-admin/*
Explore the different types of relationships available in Laravel and learn how to implement them in your projects with an example.
Make your Laravel facade shine with an example: learn how to create custom facades to access your application's services.
Laravel: Easily add JavaScript files with a simple example. Learn how to quickly add JS to your project.
"Learn how to store laravel functions and use them efficiently with a simple example."
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