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Learn how to use the Ruby on Rails DevKit to create a web application with an example.
Ruby on Rails Exceptions: Learn how to catch errors and debug them with an example.
Ruby on Rails security: learn how to protect your web app with an example of authentication-as-a-service.
Learn how to use Ruby on Rails and SQLite3 with an example: create a web app and interact with a database.
Ruby on Rails Auth: Learn how to secure your app with an example of authentication using Devise gem.
"Discover the drawbacks of Ruby on Rails and how they can impact your web development projects." Example: "Limited scalability and slower performance for complex applications."
How to set up editorconfig in VSCode: step-by-step guide with example.
"Learn how to connect editorconfig to vscode for better code formatting with an example!"
How to disable Prettier in VS Code: an example of how to disable Prettier in VS Code for better control over your code.
Multiple Clipboards for vscode: copy-paste made easier! Copy multiple items at once & access them later for easy reuse.
Multiple clipboards for VSCode lets you store, copy & paste multiple items quickly - no more hunting for that lost piece of code!
This article explores the features of VSCode, an open source code editor that makes coding easier and faster.
Learn to write in multiple lines at once with VSCode: use its features like multiple cursors & column selection to speed up your coding!
Debugging why VSCode can't find your Git: a step-by-step guide to fixing the issue, with an example.
Explore how Vscode makes it easy to compare two files with a practical example.
Discover why your Prettier setup in VSCode isn't working & how to fix it with this step-by-step example.
Create two windows in Sublime Text 3 w/ an example: split view, open two files simultaneously, & customize layout.
Discover the features and power of Sublime Text, the popular code editor, with an example of how to get started.
Change font in Sublime Text 3: easy steps with example to customize your workspace.
Learn how to enable Sublime Text 3's auto-complete & suggestion features for faster coding & fewer typos.
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