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Explore the power of Ruby on Rails & Python: examples of web apps and frameworks that make development easier & faster.
Autopep8 VSCode: Learn how to use it with an example. Improve your code's readability by running it through Autopep8.
Commenting code in Python VSCode: example "# this is a comment" to explain code & make it easier to read.
Learn how to configure Visual Studio Code for Python development and get a running example to get started.
Learn how to set up Sublime Text for Python development with an example of configuring basic syntax highlighting.
Create automated reminders with ease: learn how to build a Telegram bot with Python and take control of your schedule.
Make random selections from a list with Python: learn how with an example!
Build a Telegram translation bot in Python with an example. Learn how to quickly create a translation bot that can respond to user requests.
Discover how to capitalize each word in Python using a simple example. Learn the basics of string manipulation for a variety of programming tasks.
Restart Python program on error: example shows how to use try/except to detect and handle errors, restarting program when needed.
Learn how to make Python round floats to a specific number of decimal places with an example.
Make a Telegram Moderator Bot with Python: Learn how to create a bot that can moderate group chats with an example code!
Learn how to check data types in Python with an example - use the built-in type() function to identify the type of a variable.
Learn how to make optional parameters in Python functions, with an example & explanation.
Learn how to turn a number into a list of digits in Python using a simple example.
"Convert a string into a column in Python with an example: Splitting a string into a list of words and printing each word on a separate line."
Learn how to create an infinite loop in Python with an example. Explore the multiple ways to make an endless cycle to repeat tasks in your code.
Learn how to make Discord bot buttons in Python with an example. Create interactive commands for your bot today!
Make a list from a Python dictionary's keys w/ example: dict_keys([1,2,3]) -> [1,2,3]
Learn to create an infinite loop in Python while with an example: use while True to continuously execute a statement or code block until a break statement is encountered.
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