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Learn how to reset Sublime Text 3 to its factory settings and start fresh with an example.
Sublime Text: How to restore the menu bar. Learn how to quickly and easily get your menu back with just a few clicks.
This article shows how to open the Sublime Text console with an example. Learn the essential steps to make the most of this powerful text editor!
Learn how to find the chat ID of a Telegram bot with an example, so you can get started using bot features right away.
Joomla: Learn how to install and configure the popular CMS on your hosting account with this step-by-step guide.
Make a 301 redirect in WordPress with an easy-to-follow example. Learn how to easily redirect pages and keep your site's SEO intact.
How to create a sitemap on WordPress with an example: step-by-step guide to making and submitting a sitemap for better SEO.
Make your own WordPress plugin with an example: learn how to create a plugin, define its features & add it to your site.
Create a unique 404 page for your WordPress site with this step-by-step guide and example.
Learn how to create an attractive, circular shape using CSS with a step-by-step example.
Create animated effects with CSS using keyframe animations & transitions. Example: use keyframes to make a bouncing ball animation.
Make elements single-line in CSS w/ example: Use "white-space: nowrap" to prevent wrapping of elements & create single-line designs.
Learn how to store data in Laravel sessions with an example.
Get URL parameters in Laravel with an example: learn how to access query strings and route parameters with ease.
Learn how to get query parameters in Laravel with an example.
Learn how to view Laravel Queues with example code to get started quickly.
"Learn how to get your IP address in Laravel with a simple example!"
"Learn how to upload images with Laravel using a step-by-step example".
"Learn how to rollback Laravel migrations with an example that shows how to undo the changes to your database structure."
Send mail in Laravel w/example: Learn how to compose, send & customize emails using the Laravel framework, with a step-by-step guide & example.
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