Code examples for the Text tag - developer knowledge base (87)

Learn how to increase text size in HTML with an example. Get tips to make your text stand out & readability easier.
Add to Explorer Context Menu: Customize Your Sublime Text Experience; See How with an Example.
Replace all identical words in Sublime Text 3 with a few clicks. Learn how with an example!
Learn how to open the Side Bar in Sublime Text 3 with this easy to follow example.
Learn how to transfer Sublime Text 3 to another computer with this easy step-by-step tutorial.
Fix Sublime Text 3 errors with parsing settings: learn common solutions, including a working example.
Create two windows in Sublime Text 3 w/ an example: split view, open two files simultaneously, & customize layout.
Learn how to set up Sublime Text 3 for HTML & CSS development with an example.
Learn how to color code in Sublime Text 3 with an example. Add visual cues to make your code easier to read & understand.
Learn how to choose a programming language in Sublime Text with this easy step-by-step guide.
Discover the features and power of Sublime Text, the popular code editor, with an example of how to get started.
Unlock Sublime Text's full potential with this guide to remove the "unregistered" label and start coding.
Change font in Sublime Text 3: easy steps with example to customize your workspace.
Learn how to reset Sublime Text 3 to its factory settings and start fresh with an example.
Learn how to use Sublime Text without a build system with this example-driven guide. Understand how to write, compile, and debug code without relying on external tools.
Sublime Text 3 is a powerful text editor with unexpected features like macros, snippets, and Goto Anything. See how it can help you write faster and better!
Learn how to enable Sublime Text 3's auto-complete & suggestion features for faster coding & fewer typos.
Learn how to make code look neat and organized in Sublime Text 3 with syntax formatting, indentation, and color customization.
Discover how to fix Autofilename Sublime Text 3 so it works properly again with this easy step-by-step guide.
Rename files quickly & easily in Sublime Text with this simple tutorial: step-by-step guide with an example.
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