Code examples for the Security tag - developer knowledge base (37)

Ruby on Rails security: learn how to protect your web app with an example of authentication-as-a-service.
Ruby on Rails Auth: Learn how to secure your app with an example of authentication using Devise gem.
Learn how to grant your Telegram bot access to messages with an example. Unlock the full potential of your bot by following these simple steps!
Secure your Joomla 4 admin panel with two-factor authentication, passwords and backups to protect your site from malicious attacks.
Backup your Joomla 4 site quickly and easily with Akeeba Backup: reliable, powerful and user-friendly.
Learn how to secure your WordPress site with HTTPS - step by step guide to setting up an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS protocol.
Robots.txt is a file that allows you to limit the access of search engines to someone else's site. Find out how to see it with the help of an example.
Learn how to set up a host directive in robots.txt to enable secure https protocol with an example.
Learn how to block search engines from indexing your website using robots.txt with an example.
Laravel CSRF protection explained w/example: learn how to disable & configure CSRF protection in Laravel apps.
Learn how to create authentication using Laravel with a step-by-step guide & example code.
Learn how Laravel's authentication works with a simple example. Deep dive into the authentication process & see how to protect your app!
Laravel allows you to create its own authorization using simple steps and example.
Learn how to authenticate a user in Laravel with an easy to follow example.
Learn how to disable CSRF protection in Laravel with an example.
Laravel Passport explained with an example: learn how to securely authenticate and authorize users with OAuth.
Learn how to build an authentication system with Laravel, step-by-step, with an example app.
Learn how to create secure passwords in Python with an easy-to-follow example.
Create secure passwords with Python! Learn how to build a password generator & see an example of how to use it in your own code.
Create secure passwords with Python: learn how to build a password generator, plus see example code to get started.
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