Emmet Sublime Text 3 does not work

"Fixing Emmet in Sublime Text 3: Learn how to get Emmet working again with a few simple steps."

Emmet Sublime Text 3

Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly improves HTML & CSS workflow. It is also available for Sublime Text 3, allowing developers to quickly create and edit HTML, CSS and other web development code.

Emmet helps reduce the amount of code you need to write by providing abbreviations, or "snippets," for common HTML & CSS elements. Snippets can be inserted with a few keystrokes, which makes creating and editing web code much more efficient.

To use Emmet in Sublime Text 3, start by opening the Sublime Text 3 Package Control. From there, search for "Emmet" and install the package. Once installed, you can open any HTML or CSS file and use the Emmet shortcuts and snippets to quickly create and edit elements.

One of the most useful Emmet shortcuts is "Expand Abbreviation". This command allows you to enter a short snippet made up of symbols, such as "ul>li*3", and have it automatically expand into a full HTML structure. This can save a lot of time when creating HTML and CSS.

Emmet also provides a range of CSS snippets for quickly creating common styles. For example, typing "cc" and pressing the tab key will expand to a full "color: #000;" style declaration. This makes it easy to quickly create styles without having to type out the full code.

By using Emmet in Sublime Text 3, developers can greatly improve their HTML & CSS workflow. It provides a range of useful snippets and shortcuts that make creating and editing web code much faster and easier.

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