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Unexpected Character Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3 is a powerful text editor for coding and writing. It has many great features, such as powerful syntax highlighting, auto completion, and custom key bindings. However, sometimes unexpected characters can appear in your code, which can cause confusion. This article explains how to fix this issue.

Unexpected characters are often caused by incorrect encoding or character set settings. For example, if the character encoding is set to UTF-8 but the file contains characters that are not in the UTF-8 character set, then unexpected characters will appear. To fix this, you can change the encoding of the file to the correct character set.

Another common cause of unexpected characters is the presence of invisible characters. These invisible characters can be added by certain programs, such as Microsoft Word, when copying and pasting text. To fix this problem, you can use the "Show Invisible Characters" command in Sublime Text 3. This command will show any invisible characters, allowing you to remove them.

Finally, some unexpected characters may appear due to typing errors. For example, typing an apostrophe instead of a single quote can cause a syntax error. To fix this, use the "Find and Replace" command in Sublime Text 3 to search for the incorrect character and replace it with the correct character.

In conclusion, unexpected characters in Sublime Text 3 can be caused by incorrect encoding or character set settings, invisible characters, and typing errors. To fix these issues, you can change the encoding of the file, use the "Show Invisible Characters" command, and use the "Find and Replace" command.

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