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Configuring Visual Studio Code for Extractor

Extractor is an advanced software development and debugging tool for Visual Studio Code (VS Code). It is used to quickly identify and extract important code elements from large source code projects, making it easier for developers to understand the code. Extractor is an open-source project, and can be easily installed and configured for use in VS Code.

To configure Extractor in VS Code, first install the “Extractor” extension from the VS Code marketplace. After installation, the Extractor will be available in the VS Code activity bar. Then, open the settings and look for the “Extractor” section. Here, you can configure the Extractor’s settings, such as the language, the depth of extraction, and the regions of code to be extracted.

The following code example shows how to configure the Extractor to extract code in JavaScript:

  "extractor.language": "javascript",
  "extractor.depth": 2,
  "extractor.regions": [
      "name": "functions",
      "pattern": "^function\s+([a-zA-Z$_][a-zA-Z\d$_]*)"
      "name": "variables",
      "pattern": "[$_a-zA-Z\xA0-\uFFFF][$_a-zA-Z\d\xA0-\uFFFF]*\s*[=:]"
      "name": "comments",
      "pattern": "\/\/.*"

The “extractor.language” setting defines the language the Extractor will look for. The “extractor.depth” setting defines how many levels of code the Extractor should look for, and the “extractor.regions” setting defines the regions of code to be extracted. In this example, the Extractor will extract functions, variables, and comments from the JavaScript code.

Once the settings are configured, the Extractor can be used to quickly identify important code elements from the source code. This makes it easier for developers to understand the code and find bugs more quickly.

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