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Create interactive webpages with HTML & JavaScript: learn how to code with a simple example.

Writing HTML and JavaScript Together

HTML and JavaScript are two languages that work together to create interactive websites and applications. JavaScript is a scripting language that allows for dynamic behavior on a web page, such as animations, games, and interactive forms. HTML is a markup language used to structure a page and provide the basic structure for a website.

In order to write HTML and JavaScript together, you need to use the <script> tag. This tag tells the browser that the code in between is JavaScript. For example:

    // JavaScript code here

The code inside of the script tag can be anything you want, but it should be valid JavaScript code. For example, you could write a function to alert the user when they click on a button:

    function alertUser() {
        alert("You clicked the button!");

Once you have written the JavaScript code, you can use HTML to call the function. For example, you could add a button to your page with the <button> tag and set the onclick attribute to call the function you just wrote:

<button onclick="alertUser()">Click Me!</button>

Now when the user clicks the button, they will see an alert with the message "You clicked the button!". Writing HTML and JavaScript together is a powerful way to create interactive webpages and applications.

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