How to chop the password Laravel

Unlock the power of laravel: learn how to crack a laravel password with an example.

Chop Password in Laravel

To chop a password in Laravel, we will use the bcrypt() function. Bcrypt is a password hashing function that takes a password and a salt as input and returns a hashed string. We can use this hashed string to store the password in the database.

To generate the hashed string, we can use the following code:

$hashed_password = bcrypt($password, $salt);

The bcrypt() function takes two parameters: the password and the salt. The salt is a random string or number used to make the password more secure. The salt is used to generate a unique hash for each password, so that the same password will have a different hash when the salt is changed.

The hash generated by the bcrypt() function is a secure representation of the password, and it can be stored in the database. When a user enters a password, we can compare the entered password with the stored hash to verify the user's identity.

To compare the entered password with the stored hash, we can use the Hash::check() method. This method takes two parameters - the plain text password and the hashed password. If the entered password matches the stored hash, the method returns true, otherwise it returns false.

if (Hash::check($plain_text_password, $hashed_password)) {
    // Password matches
} else {
    // Password does not match

In this way, we can use the bcrypt() function in Laravel to securely store passwords and verify user identity.

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