Robots txt setup Bitrix

Learn how to configure robots.txt in Bitrix for effective SEO with an example.

Robots.txt Setup for Bitrix

Robots.txt is a text file which is placed in the root directory of a website and is used to provide instructions to web robots (also known as spiders or crawlers). It tells them which areas of the website should not be accessed by them. Bitrix provides a robots.txt setup which can be used to control the behaviour of web robots on your website.

Robots.txt should be placed in the root directory of the website and should contain the following lines of code:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /bitrix/
Disallow: /upload/
Disallow: /search/
Disallow: /bitrix/admin/
Disallow: /personal/

The first line specifies that the instructions apply to all robots. The next four lines tell the robots not to access the following folders:

  • /bitrix/
  • /upload/
  • /search/
  • /bitrix/admin/
  • /personal/

These instructions tell the robots to not access the Bitrix files or the personal information of users on the website. This helps to keep the website secure and prevents robots from accessing sensitive information.

It is important to note that robots.txt is not a security measure, but rather a way of controlling the behaviour of robots. It should not be used as a substitute for other security measures, such as password protection.

Robots.txt can be tested using Google's Robots Testing Tool. This tool allows you to check that the robots.txt file is working correctly and that the robots are being correctly directed.

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