How to see Robots Txt someone else's site

Robots.txt is a file that allows you to limit the access of search engines to someone else's site. Find out how to see it with the help of an example.

Viewing Someone Else's Robots.txt File

Robots.txt is a text file used by website owners to specify which areas of their sites are off-limits to web crawlers. It's a way for website owners to give instructions to search engine bots on which pages and files to crawl, and which to ignore. To view someone else's Robots.txt file, you can use the following steps:

  1. Visit the website you want to view the Robots.txt file for. For example,
  2. Add "/robots.txt" to the end of the URL. The final URL should look like this:
  3. Press enter to view the Robots.txt file. It should look like this:
User-agent: *
Allow: /
Disallow: /cgi-bin
Disallow: /tmp

This Robots.txt file tells all web crawlers that they can crawl all pages and files on the website, except for the cgi-bin and tmp folders. This is a simple example, but it's possible for the Robots.txt file to contain more rules and instructions.

Robots.txt can be used to block certain areas of the website from being crawled, but it does not offer any security. It is still possible for malicious users to access restricted areas of the website, so it's important to take additional security measures.

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