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Learn how to easily add icons to your HTML code using the tag with this simple and clear example.
Learn how to create a block in html with this easy tutorial, complete with an example for reference.
Learn how to easily insert audio in HTML using the
Learn how to create a simple square in HTML using CSS and the <div> element with this easy-to-follow tutorial.
Learn how to easily reduce image size in HTML using the 'width' attribute with this simple example.
Learn to create a responsive slider in HTML using simple code and examples to enhance your website's user experience.
Learn how to create an anchor in HTML with a simple example.
Learn how to add fonts to your HTML page with this easy-to-follow guide, complete with an example.
Learn how to create a border in HTML with an easy-to-follow example.
Learn how to join HTML cells with an example. Combine cells easily to create tables & improve data presentation.
Create an HTML menu with a simple example: Learn how to use <ul> and <li> tags to create an interactive menu.
Learn how to view the HTML code of a page: using a browser or using a code editor. Example: Use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+U" to view the code in Chrome and Firefox.
Learn how to embed a GIF in HTML with a step-by-step guide and example.
Learn how to embed SVG images into HTML with an example of a simple SVG graphic.
Learn how to increase text size in HTML with an example. Get tips to make your text stand out & readability easier.
Learn how to align text in HTML with a simple example and code snippet.
Create a model in Ruby on Rails with an example: learn how to use the ActiveRecord ORM to quickly and easily create models and manipulate data.
Learn how to create a Ruby on Rails migration with an example.
Learn how to build web apps with Ruby on Rails; see an example of a to-do list app created in minutes.
A guide to Ruby on Rails folder structure, with an example to get you up and running.