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Learn how to use Arrays in Ruby on Rails with code examples to help you get started.
Learn how to turn a string into an array in Python with an example. From splitting strings to creating lists & tuples, explore the different ways to make arrays from strings.
Create a multi-dimensional array in PHP w/ an example: learn how to store data in multiple layers & access it using loops & array functions.
Learn how to sort an array in PHP with a simple example. Understand how to use sort() & usort() to organize & rearrange your data.
Learn how to make an empty array in PHP w/ example: create array, assign empty value, then unset values & keys.
Learn how to sort data in php w/ an example: use the array_multisort() function to organize & order your data quickly & easily.
Create PHP array w/example: Learn how to create and manipulate an array in PHP, incl. how to access, add, and remove elements.
Find out how to create an array in JavaScript with an example and use it in your code.