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Learn how to use Arrays in Ruby on Rails with code examples to help you get started.
Make a list from a Python dictionary's keys w/ example: dict_keys([1,2,3]) -> [1,2,3]
Creating a Python dictionary from two lists: example: dict({'a':1,'b':2,'c':3}) # key-value pairs from lists.
Create multiple items from a Python dictionary using a simple example.
Create nested dictionary in Python with an example: store employee info, names, ages, and job titles.
Learn how to create an empty list in Python with an example: Create my_list = [] and assign it to a variable.
Learn how to create an array in Python with an example, plus learn some of the most common array operations.
Transform strings into dictionaries in Python with an easy-to-follow example: create a dict from a string, access items & modify values.
Learn how to convert an array to a string in Python with an example. Easily turn list elements into a comma-separated string.
Learn how to use PHP's array_keys() to turn values into keys with an example.
Create a two-dimensional array in PHP using a simple example to learn the basics of the language.
Find out how to create an array of arrays in JavaScript with an example: const arr = [1,2], [3.4]].