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Explore the power of Ruby on Rails & Python: examples of web apps and frameworks that make development easier & faster.
Autopep8 VSCode: Learn how to use it with an example. Improve your code's readability by running it through Autopep8.
Commenting code in Python VSCode: example "# this is a comment" to explain code & make it easier to read.
Learn how to configure Visual Studio Code for Python development and get a running example to get started.
Learn how to set up Sublime Text for Python development with an example of configuring basic syntax highlighting.
Build a Telegram translation bot in Python with an example. Learn how to quickly create a translation bot that can respond to user requests.
Restart Python program on error: example shows how to use try/except to detect and handle errors, restarting program when needed.
Make a Telegram Moderator Bot with Python: Learn how to create a bot that can moderate group chats with an example code!
Learn how to turn a string into an array in Python with an example. From splitting strings to creating lists & tuples, explore the different ways to make arrays from strings.
Learn how to create a browser extension in Python with an example project that covers the basics of browser extension development.
This article explains how to use the "\n" escape character to create a new line in Python print statements, with an example.
Create a Telegram bot menu with Python: learn how to create a menu of options for users to choose from, with an example.
"Learn how to use for loops in Python with this simple example of incrementing a counter by a single step."
Learn how to create a while loop in Python, with an example and explanation of the syntax!
Learn how to make an online chat using Python with an example code. See how it's done step-by-step!
Learn how to shift elements in a Python array w/ an example: move the first element to the end & vice versa.
Learn how to create secure passwords in Python with an easy-to-follow example.
Learn how to make a Telegram bot with Python: step-by-step guide with an example to get you started.
"Learn how to use Python to store data with an example of a simple program to save user information."
Build a powerful back-end using Python! Learn how to create a web server using Flask, a micro web framework, and an example code.