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Learn how to redirect an old website's robots.txt file to a new robots.txt file with an example: Redirect 301 "disallow: /old-directory" "disallow: /new-directory".
Learn how to update your robots.txt file in WordPress to control how search engines crawl & index your site. Includes example.
Learn how to use the Robots.txt file to manage the visibility of your OpenCart website. Get an example for the perfect Robots.txt setup.
Learn how to use a 301 redirect and robots.txt to optimize your website's SEO, with an example of how to block search engine crawlers.
Learn how to use clean param robots.txt to keep your website secure, with an example and tips for implementation.
A guide to setting up a standard robots.txt file for WordPress, with an example to get you started.
Learn how to use sitemaps & robots.txt to maximize your website's visibility & crawlability, plus an example of each.
Learn how to edit your robots.txt file to maximize SEO with a step-by-step guide and example.
"Learn how to use Crawl Delay to manage web crawler traffic & see an example of how it works in robots.txt."
Learn how to use the Directive host robots.txt to control web crawler access & see an example of how to block certain pages.