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How to disable Prettier in VS Code: an example of how to disable Prettier in VS Code for better control over your code.
Learn how to customize the look of Sublime Text with a few clicks: change background color, add themes, and more!
Migrate Joomla to a new hosting provider with ease: follow our step-by-step guide to export, import and configure your site in no time!
Make a WordPress basket with ease! Step-by-step guide to creating & customizing a basket for your WordPress site.
Create a unique 404 page for your WordPress site with this step-by-step guide and example.
Learn how to make text transparent using CSS, including an example to get you started.
Learn how to create a scrolling area inside a CSS block, with a step-by-step example.
Learn how to create a shadow effect with CSS using an example code.
Make a square in html css with an example: learn how to use box-sizing & flexbox to create a perfect square!
Learn how to center text in CSS with an example. Quickly create perfect text alignment for your website!
Learn how to create stylish CSS comments with an example of a multi-line comment.
Learn how to create block outlines in CSS with example code. Quickly and easily style your HTML elements with outlines!
Make a button transparent with CSS - example included! Learn how to create the perfect effect for your website's design.
Center any block in CSS easily with this example: margin: 0 auto;. Learn how to do it here!
Create a line in CSS with an example: learn how to use the border property to draw lines of any color & width.
Create a gradient in CSS with an example: learn how to easily use the CSS linear-gradient() function to add colorful gradients to your website!
Make a stylish frame with CSS - learn how to use the border-radius property for rounded corners, and the box-shadow property to add depth.
Transfer the Laravel project to another computer using the Git Clone command to save all the source and dependencies.
Learn how to reference images in Laravel using the correct file path with an example.
Learn how to retrieve all GET parameters in Laravel, with examples to guide you through the process.