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"Robots.txt is a text file that tells search engines & web crawlers which pages & directories to not index. Example: User-agent: * Disallow: /private-data/"
Learn how to use clean param robots.txt to keep your website secure, with an example and tips for implementation.
A guide to setting up a standard robots.txt file for WordPress, with an example to get you started.
Learn how to use robots.txt to allow all web crawlers access to your site with an example.
Learn how to use Robots.txt to control how search engines access and index your website. Includes example of a Robots.txt file.
Robots.txt is a file used to control which parts of a website search engine bots can access. Learn how to use it with an example.
"Learn how to use Crawl Delay to manage web crawler traffic & see an example of how it works in robots.txt."
"Learn how to block search engine bots from indexing your website using robots.txt with a practical example."
Learn how to configure a robots.txt file, including an example, to control search engine indexing and crawling on your website.
Learn how to optimize your website with a robots.txt file. Step-by-step guide with an example to help you get started.
Robots.txt for Bitrix: Learn how to use and optimize this important file to help search engines crawl your site correctly, with an example.