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Autopep8 VSCode: Learn how to use it with an example. Improve your code's readability by running it through Autopep8.
How to disable Prettier in VS Code: an example of how to disable Prettier in VS Code for better control over your code.
"Make coding easier & more consistent w/ eslint: learn how to set it up in vscode & see an example of how it works."
"Learn how to use Prettier in VSCode to improve your code formatting with a simple example."
"Learn how to use Prettier in VSCode, a popular code editor, with a simple example."
This article explores the features of VSCode, an open source code editor that makes coding easier and faster.
Commenting code in Python VSCode: example "# this is a comment" to explain code & make it easier to read.
Debugging why VSCode can't find your Git: a step-by-step guide to fixing the issue, with an example.
Explore how Vscode makes it easy to compare two files with a practical example.
Discover why your Prettier setup in VSCode isn't working & how to fix it with this step-by-step example.
Discover the features and power of Sublime Text, the popular code editor, with an example of how to get started.
Learn how to make code look neat and organized in Sublime Text 3 with syntax formatting, indentation, and color customization.
Eliminate clutter & tidy up code with Sublime Text's Empty Line Removal feature. Example: Delete 6 lines with one shortcut!
Easily align code in Sublime Text with this example: Select lines, right-click, choose "Align By" and you're done!
"Learn how to quickly move lines of text around in Sublime Text 3 with this easy guide and example."
Sublime Text is a powerful, feature-packed text editor that makes coding easy and efficient. Learn how to get the most out of it with this guide.
Sublime Text users frustrated by lack of syntax highlighting? Here's why it happens & how to fix it.
"Discover the best Sublime Text 3 plugins for improved productivity, such as SublimeGit for easy repository access & SublimeLinter for code linting."
Learn how to save code in Sublime Text with an example: find the “File” menu, click “Save”, and enter a file name.
Discover how to use Color Highlighter to add syntax highlighting to text in Sublime Text 3 - like highlighting a variable name in blue.